Bushkill Falls (Eight Named Waterfalls)

Light in Gray


On top of a mountain, but stuck in a cloud

External silence, his head is too loud

Escaping to nothing, the boy feels alone

Mist filled mornings, surrounded by stone


High above ground, but feeling so low

Looking for rhythm, but nothing will flow

“What do I do?” the boy thinks to himself

All of a sudden he says “Hello Elf?”


“Hello young boy, come follow meee”

The boy rubs his eyes “What do I see?”

“Just follow my footsteps and you will be free!”

The boy follows suit “But how can this be?”


Zipping through darkness, he prances around

Stone hoping gently, moving without sound

“Hey boy, try this” the Elf let’s out a howl

“Go on my boy, it’s soothing not foul!”


“Awooooo!” The boy lets one go

The internal release makes his insides glow

“Now go and try this” the elf hops and spins

Twirling around, the boy chuckles then grins


Elf points to a cave “Hey look over there!”

In between mist, they both stop a stare

A gigantic rabbit, comes out of his hole

“This mist is amazing, it tickles my soul!”


“Don’t you love colors and rainbows and stuff?”

“I’m not a leprechaun, those guys have it rough”

“Why are you happy? This day kinda sucks”

“You’re missing the point boy, dear me, oh my shucks!


You don’t need sight to see the color

There is beauty in things that maybe look duller

Light comes from within, with an outside appeal

Once you learn this, you will begin to heal


Here boy, come and look at this rock”

He writes with a stone as if it were chalk

Remember these words, they will make you well

When you are feeling down, use them as a bell


“To ignore the beauty of earth

Is a streamline to losing self worth

Don’t be too serious; laugh, love and play

There is always light to be found in the gray”


The Elf finishes with grace, “Do you understand?”

Awe struck boy, he shakes the Elf’s hand

“Now go on without me, and don’t lose your flare

Best of luck my boy!” the Elf vanishes in air


Rating: 8/10


Cliff Jumping: No


Swimming: No


Location: Bushkill, Pennsylvania


Hike: Easy-Moderate; 2 miles round trip (Red Trail)



Consensus: Bushkill Falls is quite touristy, and it costs $15 to enter the park, but if you go at the right time (middle of the week) then it is a very pleasant experience.  There are eight falls along the Red Trail. The three pictures above display the most unique and aesthetically appealing of the bunch. If Bushkill Falls was not so touristy, we would give it a higher rating.

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