Croton Gorge Waterfall

Water Flow
Sun kissed water flows with grace
Hugging pine trees, warm embrace
Flowing free so it can give
To all of us so we can live
Mountain peaks stand left and right
As it cycles out of sight
Heading quickly past the trees
Through the valley to the seas
Meeting salt grains on the way
Crystal clear now mixed with gray
Meant to quench, now dehydrates
Between the current, now it waits
Against good will, it may take years
Until it falls from clouds like tears
But what if we just cleaned the sea?
Desalination is the key
There’s endless water to supply 
Regardless of a sun filled sky
The ocean is a reservoir
If we clean its trash and tar
We have the power, why not now?
Because our budget won’t allow
We think that peace will come from fire
When it’s water we desire
Perhaps this poem lost its way
Like water flow from day to day
We’re on the brink and most don’t know
Our savior is clean water flow
Rating: 8.5/10
Cliff Jumping: No
Swimming: No
Location: Croton-On-Hudson, New York
Hike: Base of fall: Easy, directly next to the parking lot.
Top of fall: Easy, 0.5 miles round trip (to the beginning of the bridge) from the parking area next to the bridge.
Consensus: Although this is a man-made fall (it's the Croton Dam spillway), it is a true depiction of the beauty in which man is capable of building.  On the far side of the fall, lies the very pleasant Croton Dam.  You can access the bridge atop the fall and dam with a short drive out of the park and a quarter mile stroll. The fall runs into the Croton River, which you can dip your feet in. The fall is also located in the lovely Croton Gorge Park if you're looking for a nice area to hang out, or get active. 

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