Dead River Falls

The Ripple Effect
Slipping from the tip of the last icicle
Park and 33rd, he rides his bicycle
65 stories, drop drips on his head
“Hey what was that?” Is what the man said
Spring in the air, the trees all look ready
He hops off his bike to make sure it’s steady
Kick stand is up, he checks on his tires
Out of the blue, a hobo inquires
“Hello sir, good morning to you
Would you mind if I tied your left shoe?”
Blankly drawn eyes, “Sure, go ahead?”
“Thank you so much” Is what the girl said
A little embarrassed, he looks left and right
A quick loop and pull “There, now it’s tight”
“Thank you young girl, how much would you like?”
“Just pay it forward, go on on your bike”
He pulls out 5 dollars “Here, this is for you”
She points to his heart “Make sure this is true”
The girl walks away, the time is now noon
Two headphones in, on his bike, favorite tune
Pondering thoughts between buildings high
Deeply confused, he can’t figure why
He stops at a red light, and looks to his right
Eyes land on a lady, she’s old without sight
Dull gray hair, black glasses, blue shirt
High white socks and a white tennis skirt
On the corner of 3rd it hits him smack in the face
“Excuse me mam, may I please tie your shoelace?”
Rating: 9/10
Cliff Jumping: Yes, there is spot at the upper fall, but it's super sketchy.  We did not send it.
Swimming: Yes
Location: Marquette, Michigan
Hike: Moderate; 2 miles round trip
Consensus: The hike to Dead River Falls can be challenging, but it is definitely fun as you have to be somewhat strategic of your movement.  There are three falls along the hike; the best one is the second fall.  The second fall offers a couple of really pristine spots to hang out below and atop the fall.  There is also somewhat of a mystical Jurrasic Park vibe here, which we very much enjoyed. Unfortunately, both of our phones died on this hike, (legendary bloggers, we know) so we were unable to take any pictures of the upper fall.  

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