Lone Creek Falls

Magical Stream Dream

Peripheral vision blurred in jungle brush
Vibration of leaves exude colors so lush
The woman seeks freedom between the tree cells
To the left she sees lizards; to the right turtle shells
Humidified moisture grabs onto her shirt
Her nail beds are drenched with exotic dirt
Time is not present; it appears to be June
As she bops through the jungle to her sole controlled tune
Smooth sounds sync, she lets melody flow
All of a sudden, she stops and says “woah”
Fluorescent streams between two large hills
Eyes peeled wide open, her back shocked with chills
Words nonexistent, stolen by fall
Not too wide, but 1,000 feet tall
Her baby blue eyes, crystal clear from its glow
Scared for her life as she hears it echo
“Hello there girl, how goes it with thee?”
“Wait what the hell, are you talking to me?”
“Yes dear of course, I just spoke with the trees”
“Please don’t kill me!” She gets on her knees
“Oh stop being silly, I’m very friendly!”
“Okay just don’t hurt me, I beg you I plea!”
“There’s no need to worry, now listen up close”
From her knees to her feet, the worried girl rose
“My Water is sacred you must take good care
Without, I’m not here, nor will you be there
You must help supply me, give freedom to all
Please don’t forget me, I’m Leslie the Fall”
“Okay understood” the girl bows her head
“It was a pleasure to meet, now go back to bed”
“Farewell to you Leslie” she heads back to the brush
Her eyes open wide with an excited rush
Rating: 9/10 
Cliff Jumping: No
Swimming: Yes
Location: Sabie, South Africa
Hike: Easy; 0.1 mile round trip
Song of the Fall: ODESZA - Meridian
Consensus: There is something magical about Lone Creek Falls.  It’s a very high (230 feet), single stream fall, and it syncs really nicely with the surrounding environment and swimming hole.  Perhaps tranquil is the right word for its seemingly ‘magical’ aura.  Also, a solid spot for a dip on a hot day.  Be sure to check out the souvenir stands in the parking lot if you're looking to buy some authentic African made gifts. 


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