Moxie Falls

Power Falls
Infinite power is held by a God
Zeus ruled the sky with his lightening rod
Poseidon he reigned over all of the sea
God sent Muhammad to set people free
Jesus died on the cross for all of our sin
Earth is flat, it couldn’t possibly spin
Alien spirits created man kind
But take a close look and here’s what you’ll find
Repetition of lies equate illusion of real
Power preyed on weaker who sought to heal
We seek unification and external life
Yet stories of good have created such strife
Perhaps Gods are real, perhaps they are not
But think of what we know, and what we once thought
Perhaps there’s a purpose, a method to madness
The balance for happy must be weighted with sadness
Perhaps Gods are symbols for evil and good
To demonstrate what we could vs should
Adam and Eve are a perfect example
Just look through a bible, the stories are ample
Add O to God, take D from devil
It’s time to start thinking on a more progressive level
God could be real, but warped by mankind
We need to wake up, we can no longer be blind
There is little time before corrupt can destroy
Instead of fire, water must be deployed
The youth must be taught that anger and hate
Are cured with patience and peace, they‘re not our fate
We need to build bridges over clean water
To connect everyone as the planet gets hotter
If we can’t solve this, no God will
We must think of humanity and forget the bill
We have the power, we are the people
We must find it inside and not in a steeple
Peace will come from clean water and stalls
We are meant to be free, sole power falls
Rating: 9/10
Cliff Jumping: No
Swimming: Yes, but be careful. The water randomly and rapidly rises five feet once every hour!
Location: West Forks, Maine
Hike: Easy-Moderate; 1.2 miles roundtrip
Song of the FallThomas Jack - Rivers
Consensus: The hike to Moxie Falls takes you through a thick forest of Maine.  In order to get to the swimming hole at the base of the fall, you need to go off trail and maneuver your way down a very steep hill just past the end of the trail.  This is difficult, but if you are in shape, it is definitely worth it!  The fall is even more spectacular from below.  The swimming hole at the base of the fall is very serene and the waterfall is extremely powerful, which seems ironic, but makes perfect sense when you are there.  It is extremely buggy here in the summer so make sure to bring bug spray. 



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