Laguna de los Tres (The Three Lagoons)

Water Well 
White lips, that are cracked and crusted 
The metal poles of her house are all rusted 
Her vision for light only reaches sundown 
She spends her days walking 7 miles from town
“I want that Mom! I want it to be mine!”
Screams the boy who complains all the time
Instant fulfillment crushes his soul 
He gets all the presents, when he should only get coal
The poor girl’s dreams were shattered at birth 
All she desires is to quench her thirst
Her brother just left in her mother’s arms
Water that’s meant to heal, only harms
15 years old and he starts to drink booze
“Fuck you Mom!” He’s got a short fuse 
He spends his days sleeping to get fucked up at night 
Upside down keg stand, “Man that was tight!”
40 pound jug on top of her head 
It feels like a feather, it’s how she was bred
She lives every day to go and fetch water
So her family can live as the planet gets hotter
30 years old, the dude works for his dad
Upside down keg stands are no longer rad
Black suit and tie, he doesn’t do shit
Until the day his father finally throws a fit
July 31st was the darkest of days
The sunlight emitted the harshest of rays 
6 months no rain, there’s no tears to cry
Her family of 6 turns to 2, brothers die
The man’s sipping beer on his college friend’s couch
Overstayed welcome, his friend says “Get Out”
Drunk and depressed the man feels he must flee
When he stumbles upon the stairs of a water charity
He walks into the office to see what’s in store
The co-founder greets him, he asks for a tour
As the tour come to close, he begs for a job .
“Come back tomorrow, don’t look like a slob”
Her shoes are broken, her shirts are all torn
She no longer has any energy to mourn
34 years and she begins to lose strength
From daily trekking 14 miles in length
Two years go by, the man turns it around
Once desperate and lost, but now he is found 
During a meeting he points to Sudan
He circles a corner, “this village needs a hand”
Eyes blazing red, the woman turns to her side 
The man’s in a pick up “do you want a ride?”
He signals her onto his black leather seat
Hand signals and drawings “I’m bringing my fleet”
The woman’s ecstatic, signals to her home
He pulls up to the village filled with clay domes
5 days pass by, and the whole team arrives 
To save the 400 villagers who barely survived
The drill breaks the ground as the water flies free
Celebrations ensue, pure hysterical glee
Alas, a source of water to cool burning hell
All the woman needed was the man’s water well
Rating: 9.7/10
Cliff Jumping: No
Swimming: Yes, but it is freezing!
Location:  Los Glaciares National Park, El Chaltén, Argentina
Hike: Moderate - Difficult; 13 miles round trip

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