Tugela Falls

Green Rolling Hills
It’s 8pm, dark clouds fill the air
Rain drips from the awning onto the man’s hair
Cars zipping in front of his blankly drawn eyes
Wheels splash, lightening strikes, in his head he hears cries
The crisp air of March sinks under his skin
On his tongue, he can taste his last glass of gin
Hand up, hand down, hesitation, he walks
To the crisp winter sidewalk, he sniffles and talks
He checks on the time, green Rolex on wrist
It’s 8:01, the man clenches his fist
A head on the brink of numeric explosion
An empty, cold heart on the brink of erosion
Numbers, pre-passion, let go of his dreams
As his right hand caresses his black pea coat seams
A demonized focus on material wealth
Ensued destruction of the man’s mental health
The rain drops in buckets, the man falls to his knees
His palms pressed together, he says “Oh father please!”
“What wrong have I done in pursuit of success?”
He takes off his coat, he begins to undress
His tears flooding faster than ever before
A feeling so strong he is shook to his core
His neck muscles loosen, he takes off his tie
The clouds disappear there’s a clear starry sky
Hysterical cries they transform into laughter
He jumps to his feet, yellow cab he runs after
“Hello sir, here, take all of my bills

Take me away to the green rolling hills”


Rating: 9.5/10
Cliff Jumping: No
Swimming: No
Location: Royal Natal National Park, South Africa
Hike: Moderate-Difficult; 8 miles roundtrip
Consensus: The hike to Tugela Falls takes you through an incredible valley in the Drakensberg Mountains.  This mountain range is absolutely spectacular; it is a must see if you are visiting the Northeast of South Africa. Unfortunately, there was no fall to be seen when we were here.  There was a severe drought, which we were informed about just before we began the hike.  Due to the mist and the lack of water, we weren't able to identify the location of the fall. Considering that Tugela Falls is the second highest waterfall in the world at 3,110 feet high, there is a chance that this fall would be rated a 10/10 if it was flowing properly or even somewhat visible. 

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