Williamsport Falls

Dirty Water
Sunbeams like fire bounce off the boy’s skin
3 years of age, never once did he sin
His limp arms look like cloth covered bone
His mother cries out with an agonizing tone
“Please dear God help him, he’s done nothing wrong!”
My dear boy stay with me, I beg you stay strong”
“Please help me mommy” he turns on his side
His mouth open slightly, his eyes open wide
“Please someone help! There must be some water!”
The village is dry, the day only gets hotter
A meandering tear drop runs down mother’s face
As life escapes her boy in his very birthplace
Today my friends, if you ever feel down
If your beautiful face is drawn with a frown
Take a moment, in fact, take a step back
And give thanks for the simple things you don’t lack
Because right now, as you sit, walk or run
There are people out there that are under our sun
Crying and dying for the water we drink
The same exact water that runs out of your sink
We must come together to help those in need
We have the power, but we’re blinded by greed
We fight fire with fire to push gun sales higher
Yet water can provide the peace most people desire
For now, feel bliss in taking a shower
Find beauty in looking outside at a flower
Tell your mother that you love her today
By midnight, dirty water will steal several children away 
Rating: 7/10
Cliff Jumping: No
Swimming: Yes, but the water is disgusting.
Location: Williamsport, Indiana
Hike: Easy-Moderate; 0.25 miles round trip (to base of falls)
Consensus: Williamsport Falls is the largest waterfall in Indiana at 90 feet tall.  The coolest part of the fall is the massive rock that the fall flows between.  We would not HAVAGO here again.  


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